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Please read carefully. We offer different style of printing: Screen Printing (best for bulk orders), Ink Printer, and Vinyl Printing. Depending on your needs depends on which style we use. PLEASE NOTE: Some designs require screen printing or Ink Printer.

One of the main components of our business model revolves around including our customers in as much of the process as possible. Aside from offering total control over the design and production of their products, we also provide our customers with email communication every step of the way.  You will receive an artwork proof before production, approve your proof, we will start production, and send tracking numbers with your guaranteed delivery date!  

Starter Price For Our Most Popular Garments. We Offer A Ton Of Other Garments.

Add $3.00 To Sizes 1x And Up

(Min 1 Garment
Max 10 Garments)
(Min 1 Garment
Max 50 Garments)
(Min 24 Garments
No Max On Garment
Short Sleeve Crew Neck
  $25 White
$25.50 Any Other Color
  $15 White
$15.50 Black,Gray, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Red
  $9 White
$9.50 Any Other Color
Youth Short Sleeve
$20.50 Any Other Color
  $15 White
$15.50 Black,Gray, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Red
$8 White
$8.50 Any Other Color
  Long Sleeve Crew Neck
$30.50 Any Other Color
  $25 White
$25.50 Black,Gray
$10 White
$10.50 Any Other Color
$35.50 Any Other Color
 $30 White
$35.50 Black, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Soft Pink,  Royal Blue, Burgundy
$25 White
$25.50 Any Other Color
  Pull Over Hoodie
$55.50 Any Other Color
 $50 White
$50.50 Black,Dark Gray, Light Gray, Yellow
$30 White
$30.50 Any Other Color
$55.50 Any Other Color
  Not Available At The Moment
$25 White
$25.50 Any Other Color

Prices Are Subject To Change At Anytime Due To Garment Company Pricing

*There Is A One Time $15 Fee Per Design And/Or Color For Screen Printing. Screen Will Be Available For 90 Days After Created

Turnaround Time Options

We know how important it is to receive your clothing in time, and that's why we always provide a guaranteed turnaround time for your order. Additionally, we offer different time options. (Delivery time is not included in turnaround time) The turnaround time is just the production time. Shipping All Depends On The Weight, Location, And Shipping Time. We Will Establish That After Your Order Is Complete. 
Standard Job
Rush Job- Additional $20
Super Rush- Additional $30
  Weekend Job- Additional $40 
Standard job is guaranteed turn around time within Twenty (20) business days. Possibly Sooner!
Choose Rush Job and we'll make sure the turnaround time is within twelve (12) business days of placing your order. Possibly Sooner! 
 A Super Rush Job makes sure the turnaround time is within ten (10) business days of placing your order. Possibly Sooner! 
  A Weekend Job makes sure the turnaround time is within two (2)- four (4) business days of placing your order.

Please note:  The reason for a large turnaround time is due to creating your design (if not prepared already), making sure the design is in the best format for printing, getting the apparel in stock (if not already), and printing. Each order is first come first serve unless you increase your turn around time.  

All File Types Are Accepted  

No matter what format your design gets to us in, we'll be able to work with them. While our design studio is very robust and accepts many formats, such as .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, .TIFF, .PDF, the software may need to use a placeholder image for formats that cannot be translated into an image.


Pix-elation is every designer's worst fear. Taking the time to create what you feel is a masterpiece, only to have it look boxy, choppy, and sloppy, is a heartbreaking experience. But fear not! LaFone will be happy to clean up your pix-elation issues by increasing the size of your image and redrawing your outlines so that your design prints perfectly. We can even change the color of your logo or add an outline. Simply let us know what you're looking for and we'll take care of the rest.

Other Printing Locations

We can print on almost any location on your garments, including sleeves, sweatpants legs, sweatshirt hoods and pockets, and even on the inside of your apparel!